what they say….

“When I first heard of the Barbados retreat I immediately dismissed it as too expensive. Then a radical change happened in my life and I found myself thinking in different patterns than I was used to, so I stepped outside my comfort zone and paid my deposit and committed to it–and to myself.

I first visited Barbados as a teenager and fell in love, but now it is a sacred place for me.

I began my yoga practice with Chantalle some years ago and have always felt safe with her, even in a short hour-and-a-half session.

The retreat deepened my appreciation for both the country and the teacher. I was able to connect with places inside myself that I haven’t been to in years. I finally felt a calmness I thought couldn’t exist anymore. Everything just flowed. The depth of the gratitude that I have for Chantalle and her Bajan friends whom she organized to teach us things and show us places cannot be expressed in words.

Upon my return I immediately began to plan for next year’s retreat. It’s absolutely worth every nickel.

Chantalle: thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunity of the Barbados retreat!”



“What can I say about Chantalle’s Raw Yoga Retreat… That you shouldn’t go if you don’t like lying on a beach, if you have no interest in swimming with turtles, receiving paddle board and surf lessons. You should definitely not go if you can’t stand having someone prepare fresh, delicious meals for you. This certainly isn’t the right retreat if you want to do dishes, stress about what you are going to plan for the day. But, if you want to spend hours lying on beautiful beaches, experiencing the island not just as tourist, if you have ever wanted to drink coconut water from a coconut that was just hacked open by a man with a machete , if you need to smell the salty air, swim in the ocean, watch crabs scuttle, if you just need to unwind and recharge your batteries, go on the retreat. The only regret you will have is that you didn’t go the year before. And how could I forget, waking up in the morning, as the sun rises and starting the day off doing yoga by the ocean, listening to the waves crash against the coral…

Put simply, the retreat was awesome, I wouldn’t think twice about going a second time!

Ian (The guy in the blue swimming trunks)”



It has been my pleasure to participate in Chantalle’s 2015 yoga retreat in Barbados.   It was awesome!  The raw food was delicious.  Never any fear of not having enough food to be satisfied.  Chantalle’s amazing salads, dressings, pates, smoothies, sweet or savory balls were all to die for.   Then there was her homemade ice cream (non dairy) – we ate like Kings mostly based on fresh fruits and veggies from Barbados. Our daily coconut water and jelly was very refreshing and hydrating.  After yoga we enjoyed horseback riding, snorkeling, paddle boarding, hiking, surfing, swimming, lots of fun activities including time for yourself.  Many thanks Chantalle for another great trip.”  Sue Morrel


“So I had the privilege to have met Chantalle a few years back through a mutual friend saying she is coming to Barbados and to show here around the island and so forth. Let’s just say we are still good friends lol. Now she returns with fellow Canadians to do her annual Raw food Yoga retreat which is a success in my eyes. To see it build and grow each year is amazing. And the smiles from all involved saying how wonderful it is to be on the island of Barbados at a time when their home land is stretched out with white carpets of snow.  I’m not a what you would say a yogi but watching and being a part of the programs involved not just yoga , also learning the benefits of raw foods ,the preparation and all round healthy living lifestyle. On off days there are also loads of things to see and experience. Swimming with turtles is an all time favorite , island tours , hikes and just meeting the locals and trying to understand the ways of the friendly people and the island. So I say to you if your interest lies in some thing to this liking. Don’t think twice in a flash it could be gone. Lol.”  Paul Wilson (aka Irie One)

DSC_0975“I had the best week ever enjoying yoga with 3 wonderful women.  We had so many great talks and laughs and nothing can be better than practicing yoga while listening to the waves with the sun rising.  The raw food was outstanding, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprized by how satisfying it could be.   I decided when I was there that I wanted to do it again!    Thanks Chantalle for a great adventure.”  Susan Shody

DSC_0431“Sweet Chantalle spoiled me from the time I landed on the island until she returned me to the airport to fly back home  .As we absorbed the relaxing sounds of the ocean at our doorstep, Chantalle lovingly prepared and served us exquisite dishes of nourishing, healthy cuisine.

We began each day on our mats at sunrise and as we took in the ocean and the warmth of this paradise, we melted into each pose.
The days were filled with paddle boarding, swimming with the sea turtles, lazing on the beach, bobbing in the soothing mineral waves and touring the beautiful island of Barbados.  One of my favourite times during the retreat was laughing and  sharing adventures and stories with the lovely Chantalle and the two lovely Sues’ that I was so blessed to have met.
Heartfelt thanks to you, Chantalle for making the experience awesome.”

DSC_0435“Chantalle your raw food yoga retreat in Barbados was awesome! The raw food was yummy, yoga was inspiring & relaxing, swimming with the sea turtle was breath taking together with paddle boarding, sun bathing, walking, touring the island made a most memorable retreat. Almost forgot my favourite -fresh coconut water & coconut jelly every day, so delicious. Many thanks for all your special touches.”  December 2014


“I miss you too; I miss the sunshine and the warm breezes; I miss Barbados
Your Raw Food Yoga Retreat was THE BEST
It is hard to say what was the best part as it was all so special – the fresh healthy satisfying food, scenery, snorkeling, swimming in the ocean, discussions after supper; early morning yoga, yoga watching the sunset, driving around the island, laughing, trying Bajan food….
Tonight as I do laundry I remember all the great times we shared looking forward to our next retreat……
See you soon
Sue”   December 2012
Hi Chantalle,Thank you so much for the books and food! I have had a good start and many people are asking questions such as why do I look so good, why is your skin looking so good and so on. So Ive been telling many people about our Yoga adventures and raw food diet. Once I mention your name, so many people have said, “Oh Chantalle, I love her! She’s a beautiful person inside out! What compliments! All true from my experience as well.Well that’s it, I just thought I would tell you. Also, please let Paul know that Gil wears his shirts all the time; it was a perfect gift for him.
Love and blessings to you!!
I miss doing yoga SO,SO MUCH!
LIV  December 2012
barbados retreat more pictures 2012 089

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