it is that time of year again


I love water.  And especially the salty Ocean!  In two weeks I will be swimming in the Ocean off the island of Barbados.  I am getting super excited!  I love many things about my raw food yoga retreat!  I love teaching the daily yoga classes.  I love the warm days.  I adore drinking fresh young coconut water!  The incredible avocados and papaya and mangoes are extraordinary.  But my absolute favourite part of the trip is swimming.  Swimming after getting all hot in the sun!

Someday I would love to swim with you.

DSC_0104In a few weeks I will leave Canada and fly to Barbados.  This is my fourth Raw Food Yoga Adventure retreat.  And I’m excited.  I am so looking forward to drawing hearts in the sand.  Someday I hope that you will be able to join me.  I will post photos from Barbados!  But I look forward to showing you in real life!