it’s my party and i’ll do what i want to…..

DSC_0295my birthday is coming up in a few weeks!  and i am celebrating my teaching a free yoga class.  if you live in the neighbourhood maybe you want to come and play.  there will be raw cake and tea to follow!  maybe some music too.  i would love to have you.

teaching yoga is one of my favourite things to do.  i would love to celebrate my sharing that.  click the link below for more details.  or message me!!!!

DSC_0512it’s gonna be as fun as playing on the beach…… or almost!!!!!!!!

so lovely to hear….

i just received this email and i thought i would share.  i feel so blessed to have been teaching yoga for almost 19 years now.  i love what i do.  and i love creating retreats.  and it is so thrilling that others love what they experience.  i hope you can join me someday too.

DSC_0054photo of sarah and catherine (two sweet gingers) in the woods

“Hi Sweets,

Thank YOU for such a wonderful day! Sorry for the late reply. I had a wonderful day with you all. A little bit of nurturing was exactly what I needed. And it started the moment I walked in the door and you helped me with my stuck coat zipper! I’m really glad I gave myself the gift of your retreat. Trying something new, recharging my batteries, and feeling a sense of communion with others – I experienced it all! The best, what I take from it most though, is the warmth of your kindness. So glad you do what you do! I always felt the love, even when ‘Mama Chantalle’ made me eat my greens and go outside for exercise! Happy I did though, it’s not every day that I get to roll down hills with new friends   Rohen and I loved, loved, loved our pizza lunch with chocolate balls dessert the next day. Still thinking about the food! Yummm!


PS – I think you should be cloned. The world needs more Chantalles!”