the forest close to home

last night i spent a beautiful evening in the forest experiencing a drum being born.  there was a fire and drumming and singing.  such a healing circle.  this forest, full of cedar and pines, by the river is where i offer retreats a few times a year.

chantalle's birthday river 2012 003i have a retreat at there, at riversound retreat, in a few weeks.  i am so excited to spend the day there.  teaching yoga and sharing raw food and the joys of spending time in the forest.  after last night i am inspired to often “forest sitting” as part of our day.  45 minutes of simply sitting and receiving the forest.  not walking.  no writing or reading.  just sitting still and experiencing whatever we experience.

what do you think about that?

going to bed early

i am going to bed real soon.  but i wanted to tell you all how excited i am to spend the day in a yurt by the river tomorrow.  i am excited to share the delicious (hopefully!!!) food i have made.  here are a few photos!!!!!!

DSC_0010DSC_0019DSC_0025i wish you could all join me.  maybe next time?

snow and the forest

the snow around here is amazing!  my children and i are really enjoying it!

DSC_0023DSC_0028DSC_0034i am getting really excited about my upcoming february retreat.  yoga in a yurt!  do you want to come?  we will hang out by the river!  enjoy the forest and each other.  we will eat awesome food and drink healing teas.  and play at yoga!

we could even build a snowperson!

DSC_0059DSC_0105DSC_0112much love and warmth and giggles from snowy snowy guelph canada!

down by the river

winter riverjoin me for a day.  my famous green juice.  raw pizza.  sweet dessert!yoga and meditation in a yurt by this very river.  we have all day to play.  there is no rush!!!! experience the healing powers of forest and river.  enjoy the connection of new friends; and the wonders of food made with love especially for you!  (by me!!!!)

i would LOVE to spend the day with you.  email me :