it is that time of year again


I love water.  And especially the salty Ocean!  In two weeks I will be swimming in the Ocean off the island of Barbados.  I am getting super excited!  I love many things about my raw food yoga retreat!  I love teaching the daily yoga classes.  I love the warm days.  I adore drinking fresh young coconut water!  The incredible avocados and papaya and mangoes are extraordinary.  But my absolute favourite part of the trip is swimming.  Swimming after getting all hot in the sun!

Someday I would love to swim with you.

DSC_0104In a few weeks I will leave Canada and fly to Barbados.  This is my fourth Raw Food Yoga Adventure retreat.  And I’m excited.  I am so looking forward to drawing hearts in the sand.  Someday I hope that you will be able to join me.  I will post photos from Barbados!  But I look forward to showing you in real life!


such a lovely adventure

this morning a friend, when she saw me standing in my kitchen all tanned and rested from my retreat, said that going away can help us deeply return to ourselves.  and this is what i have found.  going away has helped me sink deeply into parts of myself that i sometimes forget.  while away i remembered my ability to do nothing.  in the sun.  or the shade.  just resting with the earth.  i remembered how to be.  while away i also remembered my beauty.  and more than remembering i experienced it.  i felt it deeply as the sun kissed me and as the ocean hugged all of me. beauty being a wholeness not simply muscles or bone or skin.

we had such a fabulous time together on our adventure.  so many laughs.  so much sharing.  so much incredible food.  some of the most potent time, for me, was eating dinner  with the ocean breeze blowing, the waves crashing, insects singing wildly and four women sharing stories.  all kinds of stories.  deep deep sharing.  it was a powerful time of seeing and being seen.  for me that is what yoga is all about.  connecting deeply with ourselves and with others.

DSC_0267DSC_0104DSC_0146DSC_0233P1010548 P1010543DSC_0449DSC_0384P1010550DSC_0497someday i would love to connect with you!

oceans of love and healing.  xo chantalle

a little bit of chocolate

oh how i love to make cake and listen to the happy sounds as people eat it!  yesterday was such a day.  a retreat day!   another day in the forest with the wild flowers and the trees.  we gathered in a yurt by the river.  we listened to the wind sing against the building as we did yoga.  we spent the day thinking about what it means to love ourselves.  it was glorious.  a little bit of chocolate goes a long way!!!!!

DSC_0040the air was fresh.  the river full.

DSC_0008and we even made our own roll on perfume.  the yurt when we left smelled so good.  frankincense.  rose.  fir.  orange.  lemon.  sandlewood.  cardamom….and we smelled divine too!

DSC_0008the forest is such a healing place to be!  maybe we can go there together someday!


all in a day

there is something so rewarding about bringing people together.  yesterday i got to do just that.  a beautiful group of people gathered in the forest by the river.  it was sunny and cold.  the snow was deep.  we played together all day.  yoga, poetry, raw food.  walking, river, snow sleeps.  and tea.  incredible forest tea.  here are a few photos from our day retreat.



gotta love taking the day away!