a little bit of chocolate

oh how i love to make cake and listen to the happy sounds as people eat it!  yesterday was such a day.  a retreat day!   another day in the forest with the wild flowers and the trees.  we gathered in a yurt by the river.  we listened to the wind sing against the building as we did yoga.  we spent the day thinking about what it means to love ourselves.  it was glorious.  a little bit of chocolate goes a long way!!!!!

DSC_0040the air was fresh.  the river full.

DSC_0008and we even made our own roll on perfume.  the yurt when we left smelled so good.  frankincense.  rose.  fir.  orange.  lemon.  sandlewood.  cardamom….and we smelled divine too!

DSC_0008the forest is such a healing place to be!  maybe we can go there together someday!


so lovely to hear….

i just received this email and i thought i would share.  i feel so blessed to have been teaching yoga for almost 19 years now.  i love what i do.  and i love creating retreats.  and it is so thrilling that others love what they experience.  i hope you can join me someday too.

DSC_0054photo of sarah and catherine (two sweet gingers) in the woods

“Hi Sweets,

Thank YOU for such a wonderful day! Sorry for the late reply. I had a wonderful day with you all. A little bit of nurturing was exactly what I needed. And it started the moment I walked in the door and you helped me with my stuck coat zipper! I’m really glad I gave myself the gift of your retreat. Trying something new, recharging my batteries, and feeling a sense of communion with others – I experienced it all! The best, what I take from it most though, is the warmth of your kindness. So glad you do what you do! I always felt the love, even when ‘Mama Chantalle’ made me eat my greens and go outside for exercise! Happy I did though, it’s not every day that I get to roll down hills with new friends   Rohen and I loved, loved, loved our pizza lunch with chocolate balls dessert the next day. Still thinking about the food! Yummm!


PS – I think you should be cloned. The world needs more Chantalles!”


i love this time of sitting inside when it’s cold outside and searching the calendar for dates.  i love choosing new times to explore yoga and laughter.  and i did just that.  check it out.  from far away retreats next year.  to close by (unless you live far from me and want to come here…that would be fun!) winter fun!  i would love to do some adventuring with YOU.

yoga photos by ally 020yoga photos by ally http://www.allysphoto.com/

i did it

i journeyed back and forth.  from canada to barbados and back again. from cold to warm to cold.  the retreat was more incredible than i could have ever imagined.  and it was enjoyed by everyone more that i expected.  we devoured delicious fruits and incredible life changing raw meals (just ask olivia!).  and LOTS of coconuts! we felt buoyant in the ocean.  swam with beautiful fish.  we made new friends.  and stretched ourselves out with many new adventures.  driving on the other side of the road, surfing, beach yoga, hikes.  we laughed so much.  and all of us felt recharged and refreshed…and almost ready to go home! here is what i had to say about it on being lovely.  www.beinglovely.net

i hope that you will join me next year!