only one month.

i am getting those jittery travel feelings in my belly.

one month and i’ll be there!  someday i hope we can go together!

DSC_0455so looking forward to squinty ocean sun eyes!  and bikinis!  oh and fresh young coconuts!

plane tickets

i am so excited.  i bought my plane tickets for my retreat in november.   barbados!  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  one of my favorite times of my entire year!  this is a pretty good time to get a ticket for barbados.  i think i got a pretty good price.  who wants to join me on my retreat this year.  i would love to adventure around the island with you.  we can do yoga looking out at the ocean.  we can read books on the beach.  sun or shade!  we can drink fresh coconut water every day.  and eat the pulp too!

join me?  email me

DSC_0013DSC_0018the weather here in ontario is gorgeous.  i am on my summer holiday.  but i know what it will feel like in november to step off that plane into the barbados air and get ourselves to the ocean to jump right in!

click here for all the details and more fun photos!

hope to play with you soon.

much love



almost groundless

i fly out saturday morning.  i am so excited and so nervous all at the same time.  when i return i will have freshness and surely a new perspective.  i will share that with you.  you can check out the blog i posted

i am so looking forward to drinking some of these!!!!!  if you couldn’t come on this adventure.  maybe you can join me on my next one!!!!!  in canada!