a little bit of chocolate

oh how i love to make cake and listen to the happy sounds as people eat it!  yesterday was such a day.  a retreat day!   another day in the forest with the wild flowers and the trees.  we gathered in a yurt by the river.  we listened to the wind sing against the building as we did yoga.  we spent the day thinking about what it means to love ourselves.  it was glorious.  a little bit of chocolate goes a long way!!!!!

DSC_0040the air was fresh.  the river full.

DSC_0008and we even made our own roll on perfume.  the yurt when we left smelled so good.  frankincense.  rose.  fir.  orange.  lemon.  sandlewood.  cardamom….and we smelled divine too!

DSC_0008the forest is such a healing place to be!  maybe we can go there together someday!